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We had a very complex retrofit situation requiring a very close attention to detail. In addition we required the system to be down less that 24 hours. Variable Speed Solutions Inc. was able to remove and replace the entire pump station in less than 24 hours! The quality and level of experience in performing retrofits was beyond our expectations. We have had trouble free pump station operation ever since this project.
We have been struggling with lake level controls for years. Variable Speed Solutions Inc. took a different approach to the problem and crafted a solutions that was “out of the box”. In partnering with Motor Controls Inc. they were able to create a low costs first of a kind 2 way cellular lake fill system that was worked perfect since installation.
We no longer have to drive off site 2 times a day to turn wells on and off. Thank you VSS for your help
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We had never replaced a pump station before. We had so many questions and concerns. Will we be without water for an extended time? What is the time frame to get the equipment? How will we get the old system out? What are the energy and water savings? Variable Speed Solutions Inc. worked with me from the beginning and were able to answer all my questions and concerns putting me at ease. The replacement station went absolutely perfect. The system was be working great and saving us thousands of dollars in the process. The course has never looked so good!.
When our pump station went down in the middle of a heat wave we contacted Variable Speed Solutions Inc. They were on site in just a few hours and were able to diagnose a failed programmable logic controller. They not only had parts but were able to get us running in the same day! Then we were able to work on a strategy to replace the old obsolete system with a new modern controls package that saved us thousands of dollars annually in water and electricity.