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golf course pump station

The Golf Course Pump Station is not a typical irrigation or agricultural type system and requires special detail to controls in order for the whole irrigation system to operate properly. Center pivot and standard agriculture irrigation systems use block style piping and typically turn on water in a more fixed flow pattern. The golf irrigation systems have individual head and zone control and the flow may change from 20-30 GPM up to 600 GPM and needs to maintain a constant accurate pressure. If not, head to head coverage is not possible, resulting in dead grass and poor turf conditions. In addition if not properly controlled the system will use more energy and water resulting in higher costs that affect the overall bottom line. Our proprietary systems are designed and currently working with thousands of proven installations in the golf market. Furthermore ALL new stations have a complete U.L. rating and come with a complete two year warranty on the entire system. The modern variable speed pump station coupled with best in industry pumps, motors and speed drives will provide years and years of reliable operation. 


Premium /Energy Efficient

Superior Strength
Integral Air Release Chamber
Vacuum Drain System

Premium Efficient Brands
SS Impellers
Porcelain Lined Bowls

Magnetic FM
Impeller FM

SS Filters
WYE Strainer
Filter By-Pass

Carbon Steel,304/316 SS
Epoxy Coating Inside/Out
SS Hardware

Carbon Steel,304/316 SS
Oven Cured Polyester TGIC Powder Coat
or Fusion Bonded Epoxy Inside/Outside

Preparation Grit Blast, 5 part iron phosphate rinse/seal
with Zinc oven cured powder coat primer
Oven Cured Non Skid Polyester TGIC Powder Coat
Superior Weather Resistance

Carbon Steel,AL,304/316 SS
Reinforced Bent or
Fabricated Structural